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ENGLISH LANGUAGE Proficiency is No. 1 Employablity Skill for any Successful Career. Nothing is primal than a good communication skill and English language bridges this gap for Success. We provide a three Level Skill Development Program in English Language.

From a beginner's level to an Expert Level, our courses introduce the learner with generic skills of English Language to all the way to advanced level. The course focuses on developing confidence within the candidate regarding English Language and its usage in daily life. This course is crafted to Master the basics of English Grammar and to instigate speaking in English.

The courses enhance and polish the Proficiency in English Language and Master its four skills (LSRW). Various scientifically proven methods are exercised towards a better, faster and efficient learning of English Language using VFA technique.

English Programs

Course Details
Course Name Duration Sessions / Week Certified (ECTEFL)
Bridge Course 4 Mnts 4 Days No
Spoken English (Neutral/British/American) 3-4 Mnts 6 Days AI2, AI3, AI4, AI5
Public Speaking (G/U) 3 Days Certification Program Yes
Voice & Accent (American/Australian/British) 1 Mnt 6 Days Yes
Business Communication 2 Weeks 5 Days AI3, AI4, AI5
Technical Writing 2 Weeks 5 Days Yes
Essay Writing - Competitive 2 Weeks 5 Days Yes
Chat Process - BPO 2 Weeks 5 Days Yes
ECTEFL: European Council for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, UK.